Top Ideas For A Stress-Free Christmas Shopping

With Christmas officially here, we’re so excited to find easy ways to keep you inspired by our gifting approach and take away some of your stress. For the first time at VidePosh, we’ve come up with “Ready To Gift” packs, inspired by your daily lives and our concept store. It’s our idea for a stress-free Christmas shopping. These gift packs are a limited edition of our best selection of items packed together to make useful, themed, funny and refined gift ideas. We were inspired by life as we know it, busy yet sensible, chic yet simple, functional yet considerate. We value your time, we value each member who is part of your lives, and we certainly value YOU!

The good news is that you can have these packs delivered to your home or office anywhere in Lebanon. Our online payment is still under construction, but you can pay directly to our delivery agents once you receive the packs.

So have a look at our limited edition of our Christmas Ready To Gift ideas and let us know what you think. You can always swing by our shop, we will be more than happy to meet you in person, you can also contact us on 03228225 to chat.

“BFF Happy Hour”: 2 Chic Champagne Glasses, A Spumante Bottle For 2, An Appetizer Star Plate, Price: 70$ 👯
Here’s how the “BFF Happy Hour” is packed✨
“Glam Girl Essentials”: A “Chic Happens” Commuter Mug, A “I Run My Own World” Round Plate, A Tea Light Glam Glass, A Powerful Message Sticker In A Bottle: PRICE 75$ or 60$
Here Is How the “Glam Girl Essential” is packed ✨
Another Option for the “Glam Girl Essentials” with even more glamour 🙂 : A Gold Pen Holder, 2 Pencils, 1 Pack Of Gold Message Cards, 1 Ceramic Black Dots & Gold box, 1 Feather Necklace, PRICE : 60$ or 30$
“Zen Bath Essentials” : 1 Gold Tea Light Candle Holder, 1 Soap, 1 Toothbrush Holder, Bath Salts In A Jar, 1 Poetry Sticker In A Bottle, 1 Scented Ceramic Tablet, PRICE: 45$
Here Is How The “Zen Bath” is packed✨
“Bar Essentials For Men” : A Shaker, 2 Shots Glasses, 3 Shots Selected Liquors, An Appetizer Star Plate🎩 PRICE: 65$
“The Constant Gardener” : Gardening Gloves, 2 Gardening Tools, 2 Packs Of Seeds, 1 Plant, 1 Zinc Pot, 2 Plant Sticks boards PRICE: 37$🌿🍀
In The “Constant Gardener” Here is How The Seeds Are Packed 🍃

There is more!

As promised, here are the 2  additions for this limited gift edition, a “Yum Yum Treat” Pack & a “Wine Stories” Pack because Christmas time is not the same without sweets & wine…🍷🍡 They are now available!

The “Yum Yum” treat bag, includes a homemade jam, a bag of flavoured tea, and many other accessories to warm your heart & soul. Price: 40$
A sneak peek inside the “Yum Yum” treat bag☕️😊


“Wine Stories” 🍷includes a guide to Lebanese & French wines, 2 wine stoppers, a dice game, a bottle opener & a wine cooler bag. Price:120$
“Wine Stories” is wrapped up in a beautiful wood crate

Think of this as an end-to-end journey together, where our primary intention is to release you from the endless searches for the perfect gift with a twist.

Enjoy this holiday season and relax a lot





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