Home Styling


When was the last time you said to yourself “this table is really nice but it needs an extra something” or “I’m not sure what’s missing on my shelves” “My living room needs refreshment”

Was it last month? Week? Or yesterday!

I’m reading your mind, and I hear you.

Styling, That’s where I come in

You’ve heard about fashion stylists, well, I am a Home stylist. Who doesn’t need an extra idea or a final touch to find the decorative object that fits, we all do. I have personally been through this kind of situation while finishing up my bedrooms, dining, or living, even in my kitchen (yes! Your kitchen needs to reflect your spirit too!)

What I offer you is this:

A visit on site, being your home or office, followed by a mood board suggestion based on your choices of colours, material, spirit, and mood. Then comes the showcasing of selected items on site, and approving the way they are displayed after lots and lots of exchanging ideas.

Remember this:

I’d rather see you happy and satisfied than adding another number on my customer list! Truly !

If you think I’m reading your mind, drop me a line, visit my store in Beirut, or message me on facebook or Instagram

Let’s do this!



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