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About Me:

My name is Pascale, I am a full time job mom, super proud of my three children, two queens and a king: A dreamer, a gymnast & a Vet in process. We also have Peach (the dog) & Judge (the cat), we live together , sweat to accept our differences and we are happy that way. My son would end this paragraph by  “The End” with a huge smiling face, (and he’s right). But the draft says that I have to write around 300 words, so let’s write some more “About”:

Several years ago I had a sweeping career change, and after twenty years in the service business, going crazy to make clients happy, I discovered Interior design & Home styling. Since I am a very passionate person, I never stop learning, and finding inspiration every where.  So I finally found myself owning this concept store, VidePosh, which has become my creativity bucket, my inner motivation voice, and my life-changing plan. It’s the result of a lifelong business experience, and search for what truly makes my day. Its about homes, sweet, beautiful and cozy homes, its about trendy women, and about people who just feel good being here. I learned photography and my new cam never left me since. Its feels great to catch a moment and be able to tell a visual story.

About VidePosh:

So VidePosh is specialised in styling and interior design. It’s a friendly and warm place, where visitors feel home. I try to deal with them with lots of personalisation. Its not an off-the-shelf design place, lots of conversations goes around inside. Creativity is a major part of my selling approach.

You will find medium to small vintage style furniture,chandeliers & lamps, kitchen & bath items, home decorative items, garden extras, and women accessories. So be it your home, garden, hotel, guesthouse, restaurant, bar, or event, VidePosh will provide unique style and design concept.

My mission is to stimulate creativity in designing spaces, a journey filled with fun, skills and style.

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