Welcome to “Folk Tales”

That's me :)
That’s me ūüôā

Welcome to Folk Tales ūüôā Vide-Posh’s blog. This is the first of many many posts. It’s the beginning of ¬†series of sharing stories, events, tips and ideas.¬†I invite you to read more about me in the “About” section.

Things happen to me every crazy day and ideas pop up like a small window of possibilities. I will share this with you,¬†it’ll be random but fun.

I will tell you all about my store Vide-Posh, how I spend my days there and  how I choose the items. One thing will lead to another because I love to place these items in your lives, and therefore,  food, fun, photography, friends and mostly you will be involved.

Stay tuned and enjoy this random fun blog.